Coronavirus concerns: ‘No Time to Die’


17th Feb 2020: The latest James Bond movie, which marks Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007, will not have a star-studded premiere in Beijing this April over coronavirus fears, according to a report from The Sunday Times.

The coronavirus death tolls has exceeded the number of approximately 1,700 and is on the rise, due to which the Universal Pictures have cancelled the Premier of the upcoming Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’.

According to the sources, about 70,000 movie theaters across China have been closed amid the outbreak, which has forced over 50 million people in the country to remain inside in hopes of containing the spread of the virus.

As a result movie theaters are reportedly set to be closed until April, suffering a great loss. However, the DailyMail, citing a studio insider, reported that the tour won’t go through even if theaters reopen sooner.

The final movie to Daniel Craig’s James Bond series, “No Time to Die,” was expected to be a big moneymaker for Universal Pictures from China because of the Chinese market. The last James Bond movie, Spectre, made more than $880 million worldwide – $83.5 million came from China alone.

The city of Wuhan, which has been cited as the source of the coronavirus outbreak, has been locked down since 23rd Jan 2020. Schools, offices and factories have been closed down due to the out break of the  epidemic. Several American companies have also suspended their operations.

According to the World Health Organization’s live tracker as of 16th Feb 2020, there have been more than 70,000 coronavirus cases outside of mainland China.

It is not yet confirmed whether the “No Time to Die” publicity tour will take similar action in neighboring countries throughout Asia. Singapore currently has 75 confirmed cases while Japan has 59 and South Korea has 29. Some cases have been confirmed in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam as listed in Fox Business.

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