COVID-19: Lockdown ends in Sindh, restrictions imposed in Punjab

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Aug 9, 2021: The Covid19 lockdown period in Sindh province has ended after which markets and shopping malls will remain open till 8 pm.

After the lockdown ends, outdoor dining will be available Monday through 10pm, while indoor dining is not currently allowed. Only those who have been vaccinated will be able to go to indoor gyms. Wedding ceremonies will be held in open spaces in Sindh. However, religious shrines will remain closed.

The provincial government has announced that the school will remain closed until August 19, but has also decided to start the rest of the paperwork from August 10.

To curb the spread of covid19, in door  wedding ceremonies have been banned in four cities of Pakistan’s Punjab province, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad, from Monday to August 31.

According to a notification issued by the provincial government, outdoor weddings will be allowed in all four cities till 10 pm, in which only 300 people will be able to participate in the care of corona virus SOPs.

The notification said religious, cultural, musical and other indoor events would also be banned, but open-air activities could be conducted in the presence of up to 300 people, subject to the Covid19 virus protocols.

In the last 24 hours, 4,040 people in Pakistan have been diagnosed with Covid19 virus. According to official figures, 53,528 people were tested in the last 24 hours, with a positive rate of 7.5%.

Another 53 patients died of the global pandemic, bringing the total number of deaths in Pakistan to 23,918, while the condition of 3,805 people is said to be critical.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health Imran Khan Dr Faisal Sultan has said that those who have been given the first dose of corona vaccine should not wait for the message of the second dose.

In a tweet, Dr Faisal Sultan said, “You can get 2nd dose of the vaccine ANYTIME after the minimum time interval has elapsed, Sinopharm – 3 wks, Sinovac & Astrazeneca- 4 wks. Don’t need to wait for reminder SMS from 1166 (comes after 6 wks fr Sinopharm & Sinovac & 12 wks fr AstraZ).”


The Punjab government has imposed a complete ban on internal marriages and other social gatherings in high-risk districts to curb the spread of covid19.

The health department said in a notification issued on Sunday night that only outdoor weddings with a maximum of 300 guests would be allowed under the strict Covid19 SOPs and “in door marriages would be completely banned”.

It also banned indoor gatherings, including cultural, musical / religious and other events. However, outdoor gatherings will be allowed for a maximum of 300 people under strict covid19 protocol. He added that the new orders would take effect immediately.

Earlier this month, the federal government revived several covid19 related strict restrictions as the ongoing fourth wave turned dangerous.

In response to the growing number of Covid19 patients, the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) – re-imposed some restrictions in selected cities for a period of one month from August until August 31.

Announcing the revised guidelines, Asad Omar, head of the NCOC and Minister of Planning, said the government was taking “targeted and serious” decisions to stem the spread of epidemics. Umar told a press conference, “After the approval of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the NCOC has decided to impose some restrictions in almost all major cities of the country, where market hours have been reduced and office attendance cut to 50%”

Under the new covid19 restrictions, markets that were allowed to remain open until 10 p.m. will now stay open till 8 p.m. in selected cities. They will celebrate two holidays a week instead of one. “Holidays will be decided by the provinces,” Umar said.

In addition, the government withdrew permission for indoor dining for vaccinated people due to extremely poor compliance in restaurants. It was decided that outdoor dining would be allowed until 10pm and takeaway service until 12pm.

Referring to the offices, the planning minister said that in the month of August, 50 per cent attendance will be allowed in all government and private offices, while the remaining 50 per cent employees will work from home till the covid19 situation begins to improve.

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