COVID-19: More than 600 new cases confirmed in Pakistan

Latest figures released by the National Command & Operation Centre (NCOC) show that 624 people tested COVID-19 positive on 6th October, while 12 people lost lives due to COVID-19 during last 24 hours of which 10 died in hospital and 2 died out of hospital on 6th October.

Total Active COVID-19 cases in Pakistan is 8,528 as of 7th Oct. It is to be noted that 27,614 tests were conducted on 6th Oct. With Sindh at 9,754, Punjab at 10,066, KP at 2,840, ICT at 2,979, Balochistan at 900, GB at 450, AJK at 625. 301,288 People recovered so far across Pakistan making it a significant count.

There is no patient on vent in AJK & Balochistan. 79 vents occupied across Pakistan out of 1912 vents allocated for COVID-19. A total of 316,351 cases detected so far in AJK 2912, in Balochistan 15,439, in GB 3,884, in ICT 16,936, in KP 38,141, in Punjab 100,148, in Sindh 138,891.

Meanwhile death toll is 6,535 deaths across Pakistan. Sindh is at 2,531 (7 died in hospital and 1 died out of hospital on 6 Oct), Punjab is at 2,245 (2 died in hospital on 6 Oct), KP is at 1,263 (1 died in hospital on 6 Oct), ICT is at 184 (-), Balochistan is at 146 (-), GB is at 89 (-), AJK is at 77 (1 died out of hospital on 6 Oct).

It is to be noted that so far, 3,730,221 tests have been conducted while, 735 hospitals with COVID-19 facilities serving 787 patients admitted across the country.

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