Covid-19 Vaccine Delivered in Record Speed In Germany


Bad Arolsen, Germany, Dec 20 (AFP/APP): The battle against Covid-19 has delivered not just a vaccine at record speed but also a spike in demand for the billions of syringes needed to administer it. One German factory is already busily churning out the little plastic tubes and is confident global needs can be met.

“There won’t be a shortage of syringes, even if we are facing a big challenge,” said Otto-Philipp Braun, co-director of Almo, Germany’s leading syringe manufacturer. At the company’s production site in the central German town of Bad Arolsen, the loud hum of machinery fills the hall.

Employees man the assembly lines, wearing masks, hairnets and occasionally ear plugs.

They churn out disposable syringes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, destined for use in Germany and more than 140 other countries around the world.

One machine molds high-quality plastic granules into thin, one-milliliter syringes, while another spits out the pistons that fit snugly inside the cylinder and are needed to push out the vaccine.

The plastic piston is green, matching the logo of German parent company B.Braun, a giant in the medical devices industry and still owned by the Braun family.

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