COVID-19’s Delta variant more dangerous than Alpha variant, UK Health Minister

Lahore, 7th June: The new type of coronavirus variant is 40% worse than the UK variant, British Health Minister revealed.

According to reports, UK’s Health Minister, Matt Hancock, has revealed that COVID-19’s Delta variant is 40% more transmissible than the Alpha variant.

It is said that the Alpha variant of the pandemic was responsible for the previous wave of COVID-19 following the lockdown restrictions in Britain.

The Minister spoke at a press briefing that Public Health England (PHE) which is an executive agency of the UK’s Health Department, has confirmed that the Delta variant of coronavirus, which was first identified in India, has become the dominant strain across Britain.

He informed that people who have been completely vaccinated against the virus should also take precautions against both the Delta and Alpha variants of COVID-19.

The Minister added that the UK has administered 68 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine with 40.3 million initial and 27.7 million boosters so far.

The minister briefed that this means 40.8% of Britain’s total population has been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

With the rise in infection rate after the Delta strain of COVID-19, the British government is considering extending the lockdown restrictions by two weeks.

It is to be noted that a national lockdown was imposed in Britain in January this year after the Alpha variant, emerging from Southeastern England became the dominant strain.

Initially, the British government had announced to lift the lockdown restriction on June 21, however, now it is mulling to delay the restrictions till July 5.

The final decision will, however, be taken on June 14.

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