Creating a better world, how? 7 essential tips for you!

Some people say they feel that life has become meaningless because the world is full of evil and doom. When you say that there are also good things, people often look like you are saying something crazy.

“Look around you! Look at the idiotic measures that make no sense. And look at the corrupt governments worldwide and what they are up to. The climate hoax, the pandemic hoax, the ‘Great Reset’…”

They then openly wonder if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, and if you ever follow the news again. The reason that people see the world as a bad place is that they have allowed themselves to be filled with negative reporting from the mainstream media. They bombard you with negative news 24/7.

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You see, read and hear how people suffer immensely and how evil triumphs. You see natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and fires and you are confronted with human misconduct in the form of murder and manslaughter, rape, fraud and other criminal acts.

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Negativity everywhere?

Based on the continuous flow of negativity, it is easy to develop the view that negativity is everywhere and that the world has become a very bad place.

It is therefore important to realize that the mainstream media almost always give an extremely distorted picture of the world. Not only has their reporting been taken out of context, it’s often exaggerated and even made up. They lie about it. The mainstream media has therefore become the largest source of fake news and blindly follow what the politicians tell them.

As a result, these mainstream media rarely show good news. They focus almost exclusively on misconduct, evil and misery. And in doing so, they give people a radically wrong picture of what the world really looks like.

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For example, an increase in crime receives much more attention than a decrease in crime. The media does not hear about the fact that hardly any people end up in ICUs as a result of ‘Corona’, while the ‘news’ is dominated by reports of how ‘dangerous’ it is if people do not allow themselves to be injected with an experimental mRNA shot.

Extreme censorship

Not only do newspapers and TV censor, but there is extreme censorship online as well. Big Tech is dancing to the tune of their bosses. Positive news is removed, negative news is everywhere and it’s not Google and other social media CEOs who determine that. They are just puppets.

When you draw the line, it is the underlying banks and governments that dance to the tune of large corporations, which are ultimately back in the hands of the rich of the earth. In fact, they determine how you and I see the world.

And that’s the point. How people see the world!

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You create your better world

How you see the world is very different from how the world really is and when you see the world as a bad place, you logically feel less good than when you see the world as a great place. So it is a matter of perception!

You can do the necessary yourself to make your world more beautiful and better. Here are 7 tips you can put into practice every day:

  1. Often let your loved ones know that you love them, and express this in so many words
  2. Smile at people, even if you don’t know them (without a mask of course!)
  3. Let people know you appreciate them, give them recognition
  4. Be attentive and helpful, also (or maybe you) to strangers
  5. Do not make a mess, and clean up messes, even if this is other people’s mess that you encounter on the street or in parks
  6. Pass on knowledge you have, help people around you learn new things

Don’t do it alone, let’s work together!

As soon as you choose to change your worldview in a positive way, and put the above tips into practice, it will not only affect yourself but also your fellow man. It is an energetic effect that is contagious.

To enhance this energetic effect we have the seventh tip: use daily meditation and visualization to not only improve your part of the world, but create a better world for the entire planet and all its inhabitants!

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For some, meditating is not that easy, your thoughts may fly from here to there and you are unable to make them quieter. You will feel better and you will radiate this positive energy. The more people do this meditation regularly, the more powerful the effect becomes. You will feel better and more positive!

And as a result, you arm yourself against the negativity that is fired at us, so that it has less and less influence on you. It is now more important than ever.

Share this post on your social media, or send people to this page, so that as many people as possible use this positive meditation.

Together we can make more of a difference than individually. And it works! You will feel better and the more people participate in this meditation, the stronger the effect will be on all of us! Ultimately this will help in realizing a better world.

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