Cricket Hero to Prime Minister: Becoming Imran Khan

From a cricket hero to the Prime Minister, Imran Khan has always maintained the impression of his honesty and principles.

As soon as he became the captain of the Pakistan national cricket team, he removed his older cousin Majid Khan from the team and instilled his principles.

The same principles are evident in the naming of Jahangir Tareen, Monis Elahi, and his associates in the Chinese inquiry scandal.

Imran Khan has also removed Abdul Aleem Khan, Sabtain Khan, and Asad Umar from the ministries and brought them back. His honesty has not been questioned in his 18-month rule and he has distanced himself from dubious deals.

The PPP and later the PML-N were questioned by state institutions regarding patriotism. The PPP and PML-N had reservations about the state’s foreign and defense policies.

In response, state institutions had reservations about the views of the leadership of these two major parties in the past, and especially the policies towards India, the United States, Afghanistan, and the Arab world.

Imran Khan is on the same page with state institutions in this regard. He fully supports all the steps being taken by the state institutions regarding Afghanistan.

He and Pakistani institutions have the same view regarding India. Khan, like the political leaders of the past, did not extend personal ties to the US leadership.

In the light of these examples, Imran Khan is still living up to the national standard of patriotism.
Unlike ordinary players, he has been politically savvy from the beginning. His cousin and brother-in-law Hafizullah Niazi says that when Imran sees the crowd, he immediately tells them how enthusiastic he is.

Imran Khan takes care of his own political image, so he does his part to prepare the social media teams for his opponents and provide arguments for his support. It is as if they have so far defeated their opponents in the war of words.

After Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, he is the first Prime Minister to keep a close eye on his ministers. He sees the reports about each minister himself and reprimands, explains, and sometimes even gets angry at anyone who makes a mistake.

Most of the ministers are angry with Principal Secretary Azam Khan for not approving the official summaries which may be questioned later. Khan takes full care of the rules and regulations.

According to acquaintances, the weaknesses that Imran Khan had created by living alone have largely disappeared after his marriage. Begum Sahiba has made the home environment religious and spiritual.

During the month of Ramadan, beautiful gifts of the highest palms of the Arab world were sent to the people of the spiritual chain with the names of Begum Sahiba and the Prime Minister written on them.
Begum Bushra Imran is also aware of the activities of liberal and non-religious ministers.

The Prime Minister’s fight against corruption and then not acting out of any interest in it has become the hallmark of his personality and reputation. Similarly, his love for the poor and his hatred of the so-called elite is one positive sign of his personality.

The Cash Sensation program for the poor and the words of constant sympathy for them sound like their heart.

He has a soft spot for overseas Pakistanis. Therefore, whenever he is mentioned, empathy can be clearly felt in his tone.

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