Crude Oil: Composition, Classification & Need

Economy and petroleum, what is the connection?

The whole world’s economy, directly or indirectly, depends on the production of Crude Oil and its subsequent conversion into useful and saleable products.

These products may range from the likes of Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuels, Fuel Oils, Fuels for large ships and Asphalts, respectively.

The Petroleum Chemistry in the modern times has been highly advanced and understanding the value and economics of this business is fairly complicated and requires expertise in various disciplines.

Crude oil is mainly a mixture of Hydrocarbons and some naturally occurring impurities like water and sediments, sulfur and metallic components.

The major and undesirable impurity in Crude oil, however, is sulfur.

Most Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have high deposits of Crude oil.

Modern separation process includes piping Crude oil through hit furnaces and vapors passed into distillation towers.


I hope the write helps to understand some basic facts of Crude Oil. If there is an interest, I can follow up with refinery processes showing how these valuable fuels are produced.

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