Deadliest crash kills dozens after Taiwan’s train derails

Lahore, 2nd April: A high-speed passenger train in Taiwan got derailed inside a tunnel after it reportedly hit a truck.

According to reports, at least 48 people were killed and dozens injured after a high-speed train got derailed in a tunnel Friday morning.

As per reports from the National Fire Agency, the Taroko Express with eight coaches derailed at a tunnel in Hualien County at around 9:30 AM today.

The Railway administration reported that there were 490 passengers in total and 3 staff. The train was travelling from Taipei to Taitung when its four coaches were mangled after hitting a wall.

Many passengers were standing at the sides of the train as the train was full of travellers and tourists. Many of the dead, injured and trapped got crumpled in four carriages inside the tunnel.

Reports coming in inform that around 80 to 100 people from the first four carriages were evacuated, while the last four coaches have deformed and are hard to reach.

Images of the wreckage of a truck near the crash scene show that the high-speed train apparently hit the construction truck that was parked inappropriately in the path of the derailed train.

A survivor from the accident informed on Taiwan’s national television that their train crashed into a truck, which came falling down.
However, It is not known as yet how the vehicle slipped down the embankment.

Local media has reported that among 490 passengers, 48 lost their lives including the train driver who passed away at the crash scene and some 66 are severely injured.

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