Despite majority of speakers, the language is neglected at the official level

There is a majority of Urdu speakers in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, despite which, the Urdu language is neglected at the official level.

Urdu is taught in many educational institutions in the state. Chennai, Vanambari and other cities have a significant number of Urdu writers, poets, artists but due to the dominance of the regional language “Tamil”, Urdu and other minority languages ​​have been completely ignored.

The non-formation of Urdu Academy for the last 6 years is an example of this bitter reality. Malik Aziz Katib, President, Tamil Nadu Urdu Coordinating Committee, said that a written memorandum has been submitted to the present Chief Minister E. K. Palani Swamy twice for setting up an Urdu Academy, but the government has so far not met the demand of Urdu people. Reportedly, they did not consider it necessary.

Malik Aziz Katib, a former member of the National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language, said the Urdu Academy was set up in the state in 2011. This committee remained in place till 2014, but due to change of government and other reasons, Urdu Academy did not remain active.

Not a single Urdu program was held during the three-year tenure of the former academy. Malik Aziz said that many efforts have been made for the establishment of Urdu Academy since 2014. Requests have also been made several times to Nilufer Kafil, the only Muslim minister in the state cabinet, but so far no results have been forthcoming. Malik Aziz said that Nilufer Kafil, Minister of State for Labor, has been elected MLA from Wanambari area of ​​Urdu and he himself is an Urdu speaker, but it is a matter of surprise and concern that there is no Urdu academy in the state so far.

After months of silence, the Tamil Nadu Urdu Coordinating Committee has once again launched a campaign for the establishment of an Urdu academy. Leading state poet and Urdu writer Aleem Saba Naveedi says that Urdu has no status at the government level. Urdu writers, poets, artists do not get any help from the government.

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