Dilip Kumar was on cancer stage four, treatment was not possible, doctors say


Dilip Kumar’s doctor at the Hinduja Hospital reveals that the actor was suffering from stage 4 cancer which could not be treated.  

According to Indian media, doctors said that Dilip Kumar was on the fourth stage of advanced prostate cancer, which also affected various other organs. He had been undergoing treatment for the past 3 to 4 months but the cancer had spread to other parts.

The doctors stated that the late actor also had kidney failure due to which he also had to have blood transfusions, but they weren’t very helpful.

Indian media reports say that the doctors say the actor had not been responding for the past few days, his blood pressure being low, and had low hemoglobin levels as well.

According to doctors, his other health issues were also difficult to treat due to his stage 4 cancer.

It should be noted that legendary actor Yusuf Khan, well-known as Dilip Kumar, died today on 7 July at the age of 98. He will be buried today at 5 pm.


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