Double shah’s bail application rejected

The court ruled by the dual court’s petition rejected.According to the Bureau TV report, the hearing of the hearing of the dual court in the Supreme Court was heard in the Supreme Court, bench headed by Supreme Court Justice Azmat Saeed, the lawyer of the Express Tribune, double court Shah said in court that my client For four years in jail. Additional prosecutor general NAB Nair Rizvi said that the request for the first three bail of the dual-king has been rejected. He damaged the population of more than twelve billion people. Her two companions are still offended. Justice Justice Azmat Saeed said that the people are not entitled to return any exception, the court rejected the dual-king’s request again it is clear that NAB submitted a reference of Rs 7 billion 75 million against fraudulent fraud against people in fraud under business and fraudulent money by fraudulent public fraud against fraudulent AK Forex Private Limited Company Wah Kant. It was, by letting the 3540 citizens seduce 8 billion rupees. Afzal creator is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and he was a teacher at a private school in Doha District.

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