Dr Asim Hussain Spotted in London, Calling an Uber

He had informed the court that his "treatment" was not possible in Pakistan: Baaghi TV

London (30th June, 2019): Dr Asim Hussain has been spotted in London carrying his own bag and calling an Uber taxi.

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, he has five hospitals in Pakistan, he is the Chairman of the Dr. Ziauddin Group of Hospitals. In 1995, Hussain established the Ziauddin University, a chartered university of Sindh and accredited by the (HEC) of Pakistan, but had told the court, that his treatment is not possible in Pakistan, hence he has to go abroad.

Moreover, it is such people who are the corrupt elite of this country, who have looted and plundered with their hearts content yet when they leave the country they behave like perfectly normal, educated human beings. Their sudden life threatening illnesses seem to disappear. Consequently, they have no need for keeping servants at their beck and call and even their lavish lifestyles become curtailed.

Why then cant we see and realize that Pakistan and its people would be much better off without such corrupt people?


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