E-office system to be activated in all ministries

ISLAMABAD, Dec 27 (APP):In a bid to digitize the governance process, the incumbent government has introduced E-Office in 31 ministries where the activation of the online application was pending in the remaining 11 ministries due to non-availability of required infrastructure.

The official of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication said, “E-office systems had so far been implemented in 31 ministries, including 48 departments, out of a total of 42 ministries.”
He said, “Only 11 ministries and divisions of the federal government have yet to adopt the e-office system, but they are committed to its implementation by the end of next year.”

He said, delay in implementation of e-office systems in the left over ministries was due to unavailability of required infrastructure in several ministries and departments, as many of their offices were working in rented and temporary accommodations.

The procurement of required infrastructure was in the process and would hopefully be completed by the end of the next year.

The National Information Technology Board (NITB), a department of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom­muni­ca­tions, is mandated to undertake e-government initiatives at federal ministries, divisions and departments, including an e-office system which helps set-ups shift from manual to a paperless electronic system. The e-filing system in the e-office programme enables the electronic movement and tracking of files with the archival and retrieval of data.

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