EASA takes action against CAA for ignoring air safety rules

The European Union Air Safety Agency (EASA) has taken action against the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for ignoring air safety standards and has sought a follow-up plan from the CAA.

According to the details, the EASA has requested a follow-up plan from the Pakistan CAA for ignoring air safety standards. Moreover, the European Agency says that Pakistan’s CAA is not implementing a state safety program.

In this regard, the EASA has written to the Director General (DG) CAA, Hassan Nasir Jamy, seeking clarifications regarding flight standards, regulation, air verification and licensing. The questionnaire asks for answers to detailed questions about other areas of the CAA, in addition to measures regarding air safety.

According to sources, the CAA has received a 12-page questionnaire from EASA regarding the follow-up plan. The purpose of which is to prepare a report on the steps taken for CAA’s return to Category One, implementation of recommendations and feasibility study.

The CAA has also been apprised of the steps taken by other Category One Regional Aviation Authorities. The questionnaire also provided details on the licensing procedure to pilots and other persons.

The questionnaire also includes questions on the procedure for recruitment in other related fields, including the issuance of licenses, and answers to the questions given by EASA in two different meetings with the CAA in 2019.

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