Educational institutions reopened across Sindh

Educational-institutions-reopened-across-Sindh #Baaghi

According to details, educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities with 100% vaccination of staff and 50% attendance of students, have been opened across Sindh.

According to the Sindh Education Department, only schools where teaching and non-teaching staff have been vaccinated will open in Karachi. The Sindh Education Department added that parents have also been instructed to get vaccinated.

According to reports, the institutions have been told that “all educational institutions will ensure implementation of Covid-19 SOPs, which were issued by the department on September 4, 2020, through a notification.”

“The education department will conduct a sudden PCR test anytime, anywhere,” the education department said.

On the other hand, students and their parents are facing problems due to the non-availability of 1st to 12th-grade books in the market. According to the booksellers at Urdu Bazaar, not a single Sindh Text Book Board book is available in the market in the year 2021.

In addition, the prices of books, copies, and stationery have been multiplied.

It should be noted that the provincial education minister said that education is a very big department, a large part of the society is attached to it, we want to increase the rate of vaccination to avoid repeated lockdown problems, its The only solution is to bind the parents.

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