Effat Omar could not appear in court again, Lena Ghani records statement

A defamation case filed by actor and singer Ali Zafar against singer Mesha Shafi was heard.

Additional Sessions Judge Azhar Iqbal Ranjha heard the defamation suit of singer Ali Zafar in the Sessions Court of Lahore. During the hearing, Mesha Shafi’s lawyer said that actress Effat Omar was busy in Karachi due to which she could not appear today. During the hearing, the lawyer of singer Ali Zafar said that Effat Umar has retweeted against Ali Zafar.

According to the lawyer, Ali Zafar is being appointed as the brand ambassador of Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Peshawar Zalmi. The lawyer added that the allegation of harassment against Ali Zafar has not been proved yet.  Ali Zafar’s lawyer presented the tweet of actress Effat Omar in the court and said that Ali Zafar’s honor is being raised.

Mena Shafi’s witness Lena Ghani’s statement was also recorded in the hearing on February 17. Lena Ghani said that she is a social worker and raises her voice for women’s rights.

Lena Ghani said that she studied at the National College of Art and completed her master’s degree from Cambridge. After completing her master’s degree, she started working with big brands in London. Worked with and returned to Pakistan and started working with different brands.

Lena Ghani said in her statement that Ali Zafar was younger than me in NCA and I didn’t know him that much. I didn’t even know his wife Ayesha Fazli. I started to know Ali Zafar in 2014 and that she did Ali zafar’s wife’s makeup on their engagement. Lena Ghani said that her friends Zara Shahjahan and Amara Hikmat had met Ali Zafar on a family tour in London. Zara Shahjahan is a very good friend of Ali Zafar’s wife Ayesha.

In the statement, Lena Ghani said that Zara Shahjahan was showcasing her clothes in London on June 9, 2014 where she had also invited Ali Zafar. We were on the red carpet. Ali Zafar put his hand on my shoulder without my permission. He also said some inappropriate words to her.She walked down from the red carpet after hearing those words.

Lena Ghani said that during The Beirut Express dinner, Ali Zafar again said some inapprpriate words althoughon the occasion his friend and wife were present as well. She said that he asked such questions that even her friends would never ask from her.

“Ali Zafar also told me that if we were not friends, we would be locked in a room. I was scared because of the singer’s words and left.” Lena Ghani said that she told all these incidents to Zara Shahjahan Amara Hikmat and her sister, to which her family and friends said that Ali Zafar is accustomed to nonsense.Ignore him and start to avoid him.

Shee further said that  she respects Ali Zafar’s wife Ayesha immensely and sympathizes with her.  Lena Ghani said that she got to know Mesha Shafi in 2018 when she tweeted against Ali Zafar. She said that Mesha had joined NCA in 2004 then she did not know him. They first met during Shafi’s make-up in Hello Migrane in 2012. Shee said that the link of Mesha’s tweet against Ali Zafar was shared with her by his friend then she came to know about this matter.

Lena Ghani said that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started harassing her for making a statement against him. The singer sat on TV and threatened to send her to jail and to tarnish my reputation by calling me a liar.

Lena Ghani said that Ali Zafar made allegations against her through all social media including Twitter. False defamation suit was filed against Mesha Shafi. This is a high profile to case and the whole world is watching this case. Teefa in trouble earned crores of rupees and did not suffer any financial loss.

Lena Ghani said that the President gave the Pride of Performance Award to Ali Zafar, the Prime Minister has made Ali Zafar the ambassador of Namal University. After Lena Ghani’s statement was recorded in the court, the Sessions Court summoned actress Mesha Shafi and other witnesses for cross-examination and adjourned the hearing of the case till March 6.

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