Ertugrul: The Turkish TV drama enthralling Pakistan


The special thing about these dramas is that they are being telecasted in different countries and that is why the industry is adding up to the state’s revenue.


Baaghi TV: The Turkish showbiz industry could not have reached this level without the help of the Turkish government. Now they are making good money from it.


 The Turkish actors are amazing and the stories are even more impressive because once you get a chance to watch any episode of their series, it takes you to the last episode.


 Last year, in December 2019, PTV, following the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, started the Urdu dubbing of the Turkish drama Ertugrul.This drama is based on the story of Muslim conquests.


 After being aired in several countries of the world, it is now being aired on PTV on the instructions of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to South Asian Wire, it was reported that after translating it in urdu PTV  later started dubbing it with a highly skilled team. After that it was aired on PTV, after which the Turkish drama made several records.


 The series depicts the values ​​of thirteenth-century Muslims and presents Islamic values ​​in such a way that every Muslim is obsessed with the series. The drama that has gained popularity in Pakistan is unmatched by any Turkish drama to date.  This drama has captivated Pakistanis.


 Here are some interesting facts about Ertugrul Ghazi that you may not be aware of if you haven’t seen the play.


 Ottoman Empire:

 The story of Ertugrul is based on the historical narratives of the Ottoman Empire and finally the establishment of the Khilafah.  Evidence of the struggle shows that under the influential guidance of his father Suleiman Shah in Season 1,he emerges from a young man like the great leader of the 5 seasons that aired this season.


 Turkish Archives:

 According to Engin Altan Dzian, who is actually an actor playing the role of Ertugrul, the spoken historical manuscripts of Ertugrul include only 7 pages of sources. Which are safe in Byzantine timelines.


 Usman’s birth:

 Halima Sultan, the main character opposite Ertugrul in this series, gave birth to Usman at the age of 67. According to historical review which is a miraculous period for birth. However, in the series, she gave birth to him long before the historical facts.But the series prepares viewers to explore the history of Ertugrul in order to distinguish between the actual facts and the reality presented in the series.



 Interestingly, the first two seasons of the series were filmed in the Rewa and Bekoz areas of Istanbul, while the third season was shot in a new setting in Newser.



 The series is designed and produced by Mehmet Bozdağ and directed by Metin Günay. Theme music is written by Alpe Goktkin.  He has done an amazing job because this music captivates audiences all over the world.Another important thing is that he has done such a great job on a series reflecting Islamic history that it is making an everlasting plan for all Muslims in the world.

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