Expert stresses public for taking appropriate measures against Dengue virus

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (APP):To prevent outbreaks of the mosquito-borne dengue fever in Punjab, health experts Wednesday said public instead of being scared of the dengue virus must take appropriate preventive measures to avoid any health issue.

Talking to private news channel, Health specialist against viruses Dr Mazher Shahbaz said there is an intense need for running a concerted campaign to educate citizens on dengue fever and ways to prevent the disease.

He urged the citizens to seek medical help if they notice any of the symptoms. Dengue’s main signs include a fever for more than two days, severe joint and muscle pain, and nausea.

He advised people should wear long-sleeve clothes, use insect repellents and mosquito nets, avoid going out at night and just before dawn and properly cover water pots.
Expert also urged the public to avoid self-medication in case of dengue virus as it could lead to further complications.

He said that people must be made to understand that Dengue is caused by mosquitoes that grow in filthy water. He added that these breeding points are peculiar to rural areas as well as urban slums, while dengue is an ailment which is largely prevalent in urban centers and is a consequence of a mosquito bite that breeds in clean water.

Specialist said that patients with dengue virus get dehydrated and therefore, need more and more fluid intake.

All residents and visitors experiencing symptoms of dengue after traveling to a country with an established transmission of dengue should immediately see a doctor and report their travel history.
He added that simple and cost-effective preventive measures adopted by people themselves can significantly reduce their misery.

“Keeping containers or tanks to store clean water properly covered can help avoid dengue-causing mosquitoes,” he added.

He urged people to keep their homes, environment and surroundings clean; to remove all stagnant water and containers; avoid accumulation of water and to dispose of plastic bags properly.
Swelling on the face, hands and feet, and bleeding in any part of the body indicated that the dengue fever was getting worse, Dr said.
Dr further advised masses to get regular medical checkups and lauded steps taken by the government to control dengue fever.

He said authority concerns should arrange prompt distribution of mosquito nets in the areas reporting varied categories of mosquito-borne infections, along with a regular spray of insecticides and direct involvement of affected communities in the prevention of the ailments.
Public have to be repeatedly reminded of ways to prevent the occurrence of dengue, in order to curb the spread of the disease, he said.

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