Experts of cyber crime are involved in maligning campaign against Chairman NAB

According to reports , it is learnt that those who are expert in cyber crime are involved in a campaign targeting Chairman NAB Justice (r) Javed Iqbal’s character.

According to resources, Baaghitv has learnt that those involved in campaign has allegedly linked with PTM and members of Indian Parliament and Afghan Parliament. Azam Rasheed , a leader of social organization , in his press speech in Lahore Press Club has stated that Tayyaba Gul and Farooq Nol has linked with bureaucrats. A group of bureaucrats  is involved in the present  campaign of targeting Chairman NAB by posting fake videos on social media. He further stated that there is a gang which has release a video targeting Chairman NAB , of whom i am also a prey.

It must be mentioned that News One and Dawn news has released a video in which allegedly Chairman NAB can be heard talking inappropriate words with a woman , which has been vehemently denied by Chairman NAB. According to press release by spokesperson of NAB , the video is fake , edited by a group of cyber crime and is against the truth.

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