Face Masks: Saviors or Devastator ?

In these days of hardship and difficulties due to continuity in the coronavirus outbreak, health specialists have made face masks essential in order to keep safe from the deadly virus. Doctors around the country, have direly stressed upon the importance of face masks, as the virus is unable to penetrate through any cloth, hence, everyone should buy them. Specially for people working in close proximity need to protect themselves against the virus. However, these face masks are life threatening for many people. You might not support these statement but we will provide you with certain incidents that will make you believe it.

In New Jersey, a man wearing N95 mask passed away and crashed his car into a telephone pole. According to the police, the accident could have been prevented if the man wasn’t wearing the mask. Similarly another incident is narrated from China, where two boys dropped dead within a week of another while wearing face mask during gym class.

Multiple causes leading to these incident are as stated :

Face masks are supposed to be worn for a limited time, if you wear them for a long time it can cause

  • Reduction of oxygen in blood
  • Reduction of oxygen in the brain
  • Weakness
  •  Death

A few advice to prevent such situations are, pull it of when you are alone. Do not use when you are at home. Only use in crowded places and in close proximity. Reduce its use when isolated.

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