Facebook Workplace sees unprecedented growth in paid subscriber base for remote office work

San Francisco, May 5 2021: A major shift in working patterns and routines of offices thanks to the pandemic, has resulted in a boom for remote workplace tools and Facebook’s Workplace is no exception.

The business software by the social media giant Facebook has grown by paid subscriptions increasing nearly 40% within the past year to reach the milestone of 7 million subscribers. Office spaces closed and there was an acceleration in remote working trends during the pandemic to avoid health risks and so the business model for remote working office solutions has flourished. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Chief, Worklplace was initially built by Facebook for its own uses but it was so effective that Facebook let other organizations use it.

Workplace is a service, which companies can use as an internal social network to communicate with employees, despite such success in the year, still trails behind top rivals like Teams 145 million daily active users. Some of the bigger clients of Facebook’s Workplace are, Starbucks coffee chain and the World Health Organization.

During 2020 when the world was exposed to the worst of the corona virus, business of video and collaboration platforms built by companies including Zoom, Slack, Microsoft, and Google grew exponentially. According to expert observations, in a post-pandemic world as some firms plan returning to office life, it is likely that “hybrid” work models mixing remote and on-site work will be the new reality.

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