Fake Accounts Case: Accounts can not open without connivance of bank employees, CJP Khosa

Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa conducted hearing in fake accounts case, and remarked the transactions through fake accounts case is a grave sin and can not be possible without connivance of bank employees.

According to the reports of Baaghitv, in the Supreme Court a hearing regarding opening of fake accounts by senior assistant bank Muhammad Anwar, was conducted in which counsel representing bank contended that accused withdrew cash from Muzzafarabad branch, accused hoodwink bank by opening fake accounts in different branches of Bank. On which court remarked, fake accounts can not be opened without connivance of bank employees. By opening an account of balance 1 lac, they raised balance to 9 lac. CJP further remarked, the transactions through fake accounts is a grave sin. There is signature of accused in the initial page of accounts opening form which is evident of accused’s involvement in the fake accounts transaction.

CJP Khosa further said, trial court has given punishment of 8 yeas which is lessened by High Court to 3 years. In one case, trial court has sentenced him for 8 years and in other case trial court has imposed a fine of 8 lac and sentenced him for 3 years. Three years sentence is too short a punishment and you are demanding more lessening of punishment so that accused may be released and finished the remaining balance.

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