Fall of Afghanistan was a surprise to us: US General

The way the Afghan Taliban came to power was shocking; withdrawal from Afghanistan tarnished US image, reports say the US General claims.

In this regard, the US Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, said that the way the Afghan Taliban came to power at lightning speed was not anticipated. International media states, the US Senate Armed Services Committee on Afghanistan met in Washington.

The meeting was also attended by US Secretary of Defense General Austin, Senate Command Commander General Mackenzie and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Millie. General Millie said”

“The Doha Accords had lowered the morale of the Afghan army, the Taliban was still a terrorist organization, the Taliban still had ties to al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda could be reorganized in Afghanistan and Afghan soil could be used against the United States.”

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Gen. Millie said the Afghan army was not expected to disintegrate in this way. There were indications that the US withdrawal could end the army and government of Afghanistan, but the Afghan army and government were not expected to end so soon. The U.S. military chief says the Afghan army lacked the will and leadership to withdraw. The withdrawal from Afghanistan has damaged American credibility.

He said the Taliban had fulfilled only one of the conditions set out in the Doha agreement, which was not to attack coalition forces.

Senate Commander General McKenzie said he thought the US military should stay in Afghanistan because the withdrawal of US troops would affect the Afghan army, which could increase pressure on the country from the Taliban. Difficulties may increase.

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Gazelle McKenzie said that air and ground access to Afghanistan has been through Pakistan and talks are underway with Pakistan regarding access to the country. US Secretary of Defense General Austin:

“There is no intention of any further military action in Afghanistan.”

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