Famous Youtuber steals $500,000 from fans

Popular YouTuber and former Twitch star Paul ‘Ice Poseidon’ Denino has allegedly scammed his fans out of half a million dollars  through a shady crypto set up, employing a simple pump and dump strategy. Instead of returning the money, Denino bought himself a brand new Tesla.

With a rise in the cryptocurrency scams, the damage to the world economy cannot go unnoticed. According to the sources, the well-known streamer ‘Ice Poseidon’ stole a humongous amount of money, approximately $500,000 from his fans by coaxing them into investing CxCoin, a cryptocurrency created by the YouTuber himself.

Paul Denino already had a dubious track record and his latest scam served as the cherry on the top. Paul Denino was famous in the mid-2010s but was later banned from the platform due to his dicey stunts. Since 2020, the YouTuber has been streaming on Youtube and announce to his fans that investing in his cryptocurrency plan would be a worthy investment.

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According to him, the CxCoin would allow content creators to receive cryptocurrency donations. After working for only two weeks on the set up he created himself, he pulled the rug which caused the CxCoin cryptocurrency to reduce to shrink to almost nothing.

The sources further added that Denino has paid $200,000 out of his stolen $500,000 to the developers who helped him sack the dirty money. When confronted about the allegations by a fellow Youtuber, Coffeezilla, Ice Poseidon replied that it was a ‘s**tty way to put it’.

The Former Twitch star also added that a portion of the blame is to be put on fans for being over-emotional and that sometimes, one has to look out for himself.

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During their chat, Denino told Coffeezilla that he does not intend to return the money since he was just “looking out for himself”. However, he later announced that he will be returning $155,000 to the fans.

According to Coffeezilla, Denino returned $47,000 only and pocketed the rest.

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