FATF: Important Takeaways

October 24, 2020: Here are the important takeaways from the FATF:

1. Pakistan already knew about remaining on the grey list
2. India, Afghanistan, Thailand voted against Pakistan.
3. China, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia supported Pakistan.
4. US satisfied with Pak evaluation
5. UAE, KSA, Bangladesh abstained
6. We progressed from 5/27 to 21/27 objectives achieved. This is a job well done.

Now, it is time to work on the remaining 6 points and ensure compliance within 3 months so that Pakistan gets white-listed in Feb 2021

Also, at the same time, Pakistan should work to get India grey/black listed.

Pakistan should see that FATF takes action against India as:

1. India has 44 banks involved in money laundering including State Bank of India.

2. India is responsible for State sponsoring of terrorism inside Pak (in Balochistan via agents like Kulbhushan Yadev, and in KPK & Waziristan through terrorists who infiltrate via Afghanistan)

3. India has training camps in Kerala and Karnataka who infiltrate into Pakistan and cause destabilisation.

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