Fawad Chaudhry rejects Indian media claims of Pakistan’s involvement in Panjshir

Sept 8, 2021: Pakistan’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Wednesday rejected Indian media reports that Pakistan was helping Taliban forces during a recent operation in the Panjshir Valley.

On Monday, several independent journalists from around the world mocked India for spreading false claims on social media about Pakistan’s involvement in the Panjshir attack. Talking to BBC World News, he said that Indian media used video games to show that Pakistan was helping in the attack on Panjshir and termed these reports as fabrications.

Asked about the protests in Kabul, he condemned Pakistan, saying “these are stories fabricated by the Indian media”.

“The actions attributed to Pakistan by the Indian media are influenced by their film industry, and their talk shows make up these stories. This is how marketing agencies in India work.”

Responding to a question about the visit of the country’s spy chief to Kabul, the minister said that in the absence of a formal government in Kabul, the intelligence network wanted to create an informal framework to discuss issues.

The minister cited the visit of the CIA chief and Turkish and Qatari intelligence officials to Kabul. “Our engagement with the Taliban enabled US-Taliban talks and helped evacuate thousands of people from Kabul,” Fawad Chaudhry said.

According to Fawad, Afghanistan would have been much more stable if Pakistan’s advice had been followed. He added that Pakistan had suffered the most due to the Afghan conflict. “We have lost 80,000 lives and  $150 billion in losses,” he said.

Dr. Moeed Yousuf, Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Security, said that if the world continued to ignore India’s volatile policies, it would have to pay a heavy price and the consequences would extend beyond the region.

On his official Twitter handle, Moeed criticized the Indian media for spreading fake news against Pakistan. “It is not surprising that the fake news industry of Modi’s fascist government is once again lying,” he wrote.

He also shared screen shots of foreign news agencies in his tweet, which shut down the Indian news channel Times Now, which claimed that Pakistan was invading Afghanistan.

The original clip was of an American F-15 aircraft in Wales. He added that the fake news industry, set up by the Indian government, was a betrayal of the world to blame Pakistan instead of seeing India’s failure in Afghanistan and India’s role in promoting terrorism in Pakistan.

Even saner elements in India have criticized his media outlets for using video game video and presenting it as real-time footage of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets flying over Panjshir. Declared India’s Republic TV and Zee India aired footage of the video game Arma 3, claiming that the videos showed PAF attacking anti-Taliban fighters in the Panjshir Valley.

The embarrassing mistake was pointed out by the fact check website Boom.

In addition, the Indian news channel Times Now aired a clip claiming to have shown a Pakistani fighter jet flying over Panjshir, calling it evidence of a “complete Pakistani invasion” of Afghanistan.

The defense platform UK Defense Journal rejected the claim, saying it was an American F-15 jet flying over Wales. Indian news channel Times Now has shared video footage in which it is described as “the first scene of a fighter jet, allegedly belonging to Pakistan, hovering over Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley”.

It is an American jet that Welsh flies through the valleys.

Some Indians also posted a picture of the crashed F-16, claiming it was a PAF jet shot down by anti-Taliban forces in the Panjshir Valley. However, it turned out to be an old photo of the US Air Force crash in 2018.

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