FBR released Assets Declaration Form for Amnesty Scheme

In the recent development , FBR has released Asset Declaration forms for Amnesty Scheme 2019. These forms will be submitted till 30 June 2019.

According to the reports of Baaghitv, FBR has uploaded Assets Declaration Forms on its web portal. There are separate columns for the declaration of local assets in the form. Citizens can fill their forms online as well to declare their assets. There are separate columns for different assets , amount of tax to be paid by the citizens in the form. To declare benami-account of foreign currency,  4% tax has to be paid. Similarly, on the benami-accounts in Pakistani currency , 4% tax has to be paid.  On the payment of 4% tax , benami-cars will also be registered.  Similarly , on the declaration of foreign assets , 4% tax has to be paid on the value of that asset. There is a separate column in the form for  the declaration of foreign assets , which are assemble through transfer of payment by non-banking means. The last date to declare the asset is 30 June, 2019 and there will be no imposition of fine till then on the declaration of assets.

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