First Episode of the Series Ertugral on PTV

The first episode of the Turkish drama serial ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ was aired on Pakistan Television (PTV) last night with Urdu dubbing.

According to Baaghi TV, the Pakistani government has announced that the Turkish drama serial Ertugrul would be aired on PTV from the first of Ramadan.The first episode of which was released last night with Urdu dubbing.

Turkish drama based on Islamic history and the story of the Ottoman Caliphate has become very popular all over the world. Not only in Muslim but also in non-Muslim countries this drama has been seen after being translated into different languages.

PM Khan has also mentioned the play in several of his speeches, after which the government announced that the play would be aired on National TV from the first of Ramadan.

Last night, the first episode of the drama was aired on National TV in Pakistan, showing the beginning of the story of the Qai Abbasi tribe in the 1225s. It is shown in the series how the Christians had played their role in turning the Muslims against each other. Christians fight with Muslims of the Qai Tribe and take the young men of the tribe Abbasid in captivity.

An action-adventure serial full of sword fights, Dirilis is based on stories of the Muslim Oghuz Turks, fighting invading Mongols, Christian Byzantines, and the fanatic Knights Templar Crusaders in Anatolia (now modern-day Turkey) of the 12th century.

This series is believed to awaken the spirit of Jihaad among Muslims. This play is supposed to be a true story of Ertugral, the father of Caliph Hazrat Usman who was the founder of the Ottoman Caliphate.

All the events in the drama are not authentic but a mixture of some true and false series, making this play more interesting. The drama is made in such a way that once the viewer sees it, is swayed by its magic and stay glued to their screens.

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