Government passes new law regarding national identity card

KABUL: The Afghanistan government has passed a new law to register the name of the mother with the father on the child’s national identity card.

According to the new legal amendment in Afghanistan, the law follows a campaign to change people’s traditional way of thinking about women’s names. After a long struggle by women’s rights activists, President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday approved the amendment.

Prior to that, the father’s name was written on the national identity card under Afghan law.

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In Afghan society, naming a woman in public is considered bad. There have been incidents in the past where women have been tortured for revealing their names for prescriptions. Three years ago, a campaign called “Where is my name?” was launched with the participation of prominent personalities and members of the parliament.

The campaign called for the inclusion of the mother’s name with the father’s on the national identity card. Two decades after the fall of the Taliban government in 2001, it is being hailed as a positive step for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

In this campaign on social media, people were seen introducing themselves by the name of their mother. Lala Osmani is the founder of ‘Where is my name?’. He said he was happy with the results.

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Following the government’s decision, the Afghan Cabinet Committee on Legal Affairs said the inclusion of the mother’s name on the ID card was a major step towards recognizing gender equality and women’s rights.

It should be noted that the decision of the Afghan government to include the mother’s name on the identity card came at a time when talks are underway between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Doha.

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