Green Passport Is My Pride: Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq the lead actress of “Heer Maan Ja” says she keeps green passport with pride. The starlet says she has a vision to change the image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world. She added that Pakistan is a country immensely full of talented people. She expressed herself in an interview with Samina Perzada. She says since the beginning she was very passionate about acting and knew that one day she would persue it as her career. 
“Since college I started theater and literally gave my blood to this passion. We were so passionate in our dreams of becoming actors that we did everything from mopping the stage to making tea on set, we were the team, we were the actors and we were the spot boys. My vision is way bigger than being only an actor, I want to show world our image through this, that’s why I joined showbiz,” said the actress speaking her heart out in Rewind with Samina Peerzada.
The diva’s patriotism could be seen when she stated that she wears green with pride and her green passport shows her true identity, while saying this droplets of tears could be seen in her eyes. Hareem explained in the show how she started from a scratch and her stories of struggle.
It’s us who see the success and not the struggle. We wish Hareem best of luck for her future and hope she accomplishes her goals

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