Guidelines for Public Gatherings Less Marriages and Sports


• Keeping in view prevalence of COVID-19 and its potential to spread, NCOC has issued guidelines related to all types of Public Gatherings (less marriages and sports).
• Guidelines have been prepared with input from Provinces


Public Gathering. Public gathering means where people are assembled on any given space; indoor or outdoor, for some purpose such as cultural events, religious gatherings, sports events, entertainment/cultural events, parties, political gatherings or other similar events

Types of Public Gatherings

• Entertainment / Cultural Gatherings
• Public Gatherings of Unions / Associations or any such group
• Religious Gatherings
• Political Gatherings
• Family Gatherings
• Civil Society Group Gatherings
• Sports related Gatherings (SOP being issued separately)
• Marriage (being frequent & obligatory activity) has been excluded and a separate SOP comprising strict restrictions has already been issued

Gist is as under

• Public gatherings should be discouraged in view of their potential to become super spreaders – preferably no public gathering be held except those related to economic activity
• If holding of public gatherings is unavoidable, then these should be held in well defined venues which facilitate enforcement of SOPs as under:-

Indoor Events

• Maximum participation to be 500 persons or 50% of capacity whichever is less.
• Duration of the event/activity should not exceed 3 hours
• All persons would be seated – no standing participation. Inter chair distance to be minimum 3 feet or more.

Outdoor Events

• Entry/Exit Control
• Density Control
• Social Distancing
• All persons would be seated – no standing participation. Inter chair distance to be minimum 3 feet or more.
• Duration of the event/activity should not exceed 3 hours
• Rallies/walks / gatherings on the Roads, Streets and other ill-defined places should be avoided
• Organizers to be responsible for ensuring compliance of SOPs particularly masks, social distancing and provision of COVID Safety Kit (a mask & a mini hand sanitizer) to each person
• No public gatherings to be held in cities where positivity ratio is consistently higher and is within 2nd Slab (6-9%) or above as laid down in instructions “Quantified Triggers & Corresponding NPIs” already issued


• Children and elderly should be discouraged to participate
• People with COVID or respiratory illness related symptoms must not be allowed to attend
• Individuals with comorbidities such as chronic illnesses including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease etc not be allowed to participate
• No attendance without mask
• No handshake or hugging

Refreshments / Meals

• No meals or light refreshment should be allowed in any type of gathering
• Drinking water facilities should be dispersed at multiple locations to avoid crowding
• Preferably water bottles be provided to the participants, otherwise disposable glasses to be used
•Anti COVID Awareness Board/Banners at the Venues to be displayed by organizers
•Periodic announcements for masks, social distance and other SOPs through Sound System during conduct of the event to be made by the organizers

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