Hamd-E-Parverdegar: ‘None but Allah has the right to be Praised for he alone is the lord of the world’.

Sarah Baloch’s Hamd for God Almighty has a special message.

According to reports, Shalam Xavier, has composed this hymn for Sarah Baloch. In this hymn, Sarah Baloch expresses her humility and submission to Allah, the Lord of Glory, and vows to bow before her Lord at all times.

Saying “Allah ho“, Sarah Baloch expresses her love for Allah Almighty that only you are the reason I breath and my heart beats only for you. She goes on to say that love binds every bond of life.

The success of this well-known praise of Sarah Baloch is due to the collaboration between non-Muslims.

“It’s a great honor for me to be a part of a partnership between a Muslim and a non-Muslim,” says Sarah Baloch.