Hamid Mir: A Man with Many Faces

Famous journalist Hamir Mir, who remains very proactive in everything which never is in favor of Pakistan; not breaking his record, gave another point to the nation to prove his black side not going low.

Recently, in a telethon organized by Prime Minister Imran Khan, leading journalists of media were also present. Before the prayer to be called by Molana Tariq Jamil sahb, he addressed the Hadees of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) to PM and journalists. The Hadees quoted the orders to avoid telling lies, betraying anyone, etc. When Molana addressed it to PM and journalists, he clearly highlighted the point where media (around the world) broadcasts lies to public.

However, the Hadees was taken wrong by Hamid Mir and Muhammad Malik. Hamid Mir started a campaign against Molana sahb and brought it to a point where Muhammad Maalik called Molana in the show along with Hamid Mir as guest. Addressing him very rudely, the anchor literally disrespected Molana and in response to his behavior, Molana just apologized from the journalists and people who got ‘hurt’ with his address. Meanwhile, Hamid Mir himself had an interview with Begum Nawazish (Ali Saleem). In that interview, Hamid Mir stated, “Media doesn’t even speak 10% of the truth”.

Hamid Mir didn’t stop on this apology, he continued tweeting against Molana and criticizing him for calling PM “honest”.

Hamid Mir clearly hitting Molana Tariq Jamil and PM Imran Khan in each of his tweet and its like he is working 24/7 to bring up the content which proves them wrong and mislead the public.

Why does Hamid Mir forget the time when he used to meet and greet Shehbaz Sharif, Molana Fazlur Rehman? Is not Molana Fazlur Rehman a “Molana” also. How come Hamid Mir forgot to hit him even after seeing the way JUI-F leader, along with being in politics, uses religion in his dirty strategies.

Hamid Mir, felt the pain when he was felt hit for telling “all lie”. Because, that pain had to be felt by the one, who knew its what he did whole life.

Hamid Mir! How did he forget the Ajmal Kasab allegation which he brought up by labeling him as Pakistani, clearly putting Pakistan under world’s focus on planted terrorism? Which, he tried his best to prove, but in end failed.

Writing and speaking continuously against Pakistan Army is what Hamid Mir has on his portfolio?

With so many shades of his personality, one is constant; LIE. By the end, whatever topic it is, Hamid Mir has to be at an opposite side of Pakistan, Pakistan Army and  of course; TRUTH.

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