Hamza Ali Abbasi and others bash the French President


Lahore, 28th October: Pakistani showbiz artists have demanded an apology from French President Emmanuel Macron for hurting Muslim sentiments over blasphemous sketches published by the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo and the French president’s anti-Islamic remarks.

Baaghi TV: Recent incidents of insolence from France and the statements of the French President have hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world. And in the form of rallies against the French government and protests on social media platforms, all kinds of French products have been boycotted.

While the French newspaper and the president’s anti-Islamic actions have hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world, people from Pakistan showbiz are also saddened and have raised their voices against the action.

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, who had temporarily withdrawn from Showbiz for the sake of Islam, condemned the French action and wrote on Twitter, “It is ur right to disagree & criticise but IT IS NOT UR RIGHT TO MOCK WITH THE INTENT TO DELIBERATELY INSULT & PROVOKE, its immoral, unethical and uncivilised and the only way we Muslims can make the world understand that is solely by peace & dialogue, not murder, war & hostility.”

Expressing further Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote, “What would happen if Muslims organized a competition to throw beef on the Ram statue? Or slaughtering the most pigs in a synagogue or spitting on a crucifix if it hurts anyone, the same applies to making insulting sketches of a person being sanctified by more than 1.5 billion people. It also happens in the case.”

Actor Ahsan Khan condemned the publication of blasphemous sketches in France on Twitter, saying that if France is indeed a republic, then there should be freedom. But other religions should not be insulted in the name of freedom. I wholeheartedly protest against this blasphemy in honour of my beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa. Now this thing (publishing blasphemous sketches) has to stop.

Actor Feroze Khan also took to Twitter to speak out against the publication of blasphemous sketches in France, saying “Muhammad is the first”.

Actor and host Fakhre-Alam condemned the publication of blasphemous sketches in France and wrote, “Islamophobia: Why Macron is wrong on the freedom of expression debate?”

It should be noted that in France, hate speech and actions against Islam and Muslims are constantly coming to light. At a ceremony following the assassination of a teacher who preached blasphemous cartoons, the French president described Islam as a “crisis religion” and gave the impression that Muslims were fueling separatist sentiment in France. There is a wave of grief and anger among Muslims all over the world.

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