Hamza Shafqat Started a Cleanliness Drive at Bari Imam

ISLAMABAD, Jan 6 (APP): Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqat on Wednesday started a cleanliness drive at Bari Imam (an area in the outskirts) to make the area clean.

A large number of Tiger Force volunteers and inhabitants of the area participated in the drive and dumped the trash in trolleys after collection from various streets.

The activity was organized by a non-governmental organization in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority Sanitation Directorate.

The deputy commissioner on the occasion urged the residents to throw solid waste only in the trolleys placed by the CDA for its timely disposal, besides providing a clean atmosphere in the area.

He said the CDA was extending its garbage collection service to the rural areas to ensure cleanliness there.

The civic body, he said, was selecting the land for the installation of a bio-gas plant so the organic waste could be used in that regard.

He asked the cattle yards’ owners to restrain from throwing animal waste into the streets and open places, otherwise, legal action would be taken.

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