HEC awards over 200,000 local/foreign scholarships during last ten years

ISLAMABAD, Oct 8 (APP):The Higher Education Commission (HEC) during the last ten years had awarded 209,082 foreign and local scholarships to the deserving students of Pakistani universities.

Out of the total, around 3493 overseas/foreign scholarships awarded. While around 205589 scholarships were awarded to the needy students for studies at local universities.

According to the details shared by an HEC official with APP, it was stated that the HEC under its foreign scholarships programme had given a total of 3223 overseas /foreign scholarships during last ten years while the number Overseas Post Doctorate Fellowships were 270 from 2009-10 to 2018-19 with totaling of 3493.

As per the details, the number of local scholarships during last 10 years was 5584, while the total number of Need Based Undergraduate Scholarships was 34917.

Under the Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme for the students of Less Developed Areas, a total of 165088 scholarships had been awarded to the deserving local students.

According to the per year details of total foreign and local scholarships, around 887 were given during 2009/10 while 1107 during 2010/11, 4015 during 2011/12, 18563 during 2012/13, 50060 during 2013/14, 29875 during 2014/15, 35643 during 2015/16, 45753 during 2016/17, 19497 during 2017/18 and 3682 during the years of 2018/19.

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