Horoscope predictions for today November 22, 2021

Nov 22, 2021: According to today’s horoscope, Aries, you should let your friends help themselves. Taurus, wait for your turn to now receive in relationships. Explore any mysteries while a discovery awaits you, Gemini.

It’s a great time to take control, Cancer. Your voice is soon going to be heard by all, Leo. Virgo, a little preparation will help you understand better what it is that you have to tackle. Libra, you need to be the best pals with the virtue of patience. Scorpio, an unexpected challenge may inspire you. Let bygones be bygones, Sagittarius. It is important to separate the good from the bad, Capricorn. Aquarius, the best way to deal with drama is to just let it go. The pace of your life will slow down, Pisces, so relax and enjoy it.

Horoscope Aries: (March 21- April 19)

With a docile and easy going cosmic energy, you are urged to cozy up in your humble abode. It is an ideal day for sprucing up your living space or reaching out to family. Elsewhere, the universe brings you a welcome boost in career and reputation. Red is the favourable colour for your sign, being ruled by planet Mars. Letters A, L, E and numbers like 8 and 1 add to your lucky charm.

Horoscope Taurus: (April 20- May 20)

Taurus should find themselves on the go

You’ve got people to see things to do. Expect to find yourself on the go, catching up on unfinished conversations and tackling errands. It is an ideal day to engage in acts of self-expression or start up a project. The stars are imbuing the day with an invigorated relationship energy.  Letters like B, V and U and favourable numbers 2 and 7 guide you. Colour white should bring luck to your sign ruled by the planet Venus.

Horoscope Gemini: (May 21- June 20)

Things will begin to come to a close for Gemini

You’ve been wrapping up important stories at work. Things will begin to come to a close soon. You will see yourself trucking on productively. You can review your incoming and outgoing finances while keeping busy and putting your nose to the grindstone. Your favourable numbers and  letters are 3 and 6, and  K, C, G respectively. Yellow colour is favourable as your sign is ruled by planet Mercury.

Horoscope Cancer: (June 21- July 22)

Cancer should treat themselves to something special

The universe wants to dote on you with special attention. Can you identify the ways to take better care of yourself? A strong need to pamper yourself and prioritize self-care will be felt. Catch up on rest or return to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Moon rules your sign and luck will be alongside with favourable number 4, letters, D, H and colour milky white.

Horoscope Leo: (July 23- August 23)

Leo, don’t push yourself hard

Spend time tucked away in your cocoon today. You’re in need of recuperation, so don’t push yourself hard to be on top of everything. Run a long bath, generally take it easy with solitude or simply read a relaxing book. Don’t sweat the small stuff today as it is about prioritizing your peace. Turn to number 5, golden colour and letters M and T for your sign ruled by the Sun.

Horoscope Virgo: (August 23- September 22)

Virgo must realise aspirations that are worth the effort

You’re sifting through your agendas and may realize that what you wanted to pursue needs better clarification. You are getting help to seek your mind to the task and realise aspirations that are worth the effort. Don’t be an island as you are likely in need of a social boost. Number 3, and 8 and green colour will guide you. Mercury is your ruling planet as letters  P, T, and N are lucky for you.

Horoscope Libra: (September 23- October 22)

You are being invigorated, Leo

You are being invigorated and thrust into action. The planetary alignment is imbuing you with a boost of energy to deal with matters around the home and family department. You also get help to tune into any career issues that require contemplation before making choices. White colour and numbers like 2 and 7 will enhance your personality. Letters R and T are lucky as planet Venus rules your sign.

Horoscope Scorpio: (October 23- November 21)

Scorpio should leave their comfort zone

Things are sweetening up throughout the week ahead. The current planetary alignment works to boost you full of radiant, charming and romantic energy to put to use how you see fit. It is an ideal day to leave your comfort zone or begin a creative project. Let luck be by your side with favourable numbers 1 and 8. Planet Mars rules your sign and red colour, letters N and Y will guide you.

Horoscope Sagittarius: (November 22- December 21)

Sagittarius are in the mood for healing

Let yourself slip into a quiet headspace. You’re in the mood for healing and reflection, especially when it is about long-standing intimacy concerns and emotional issues. You are being encouraged to engage yourself in contemplative activities or do some journaling. Take a soothing bath or have talk therapy. Planet Jupiter rules your sign and lucky letters are B, D and P. The colour yellow and numbers like 12 and 9 will ease your mind.

Horoscope Capricorn: (December 22- January 19)

Ideal time for Capricorn to tend to any loose ends

Cast your eye to the narrative of your romantic relationships. A low-key day makes it an ideal time to tend to any loose ends or nagging relationship concerns. You may find yourself focusing more than usual on those most important to you. Be wary of losing your own journey in the process. Luck will be on your side with cyan colour. Saturn is your ruling planet so letters K and J, numbers like 10, 11 are lucky for you.

Horoscope Aquarius: (January 20- February 18)

Send your energy to a project, Aquarius

You’re all set to get down to business today. The cosmos is sending your attention towards workloads that need tackling. Send your energy to a project you give yourself as one can feel best to achieve accomplishments, big or small. Turn your focus towards reconnecting with your body through therapeutic means. Cyan colour, letter G and S, numbers 10 and 11 will favour you. Planet Saturn rules your sign.

Horoscope Pisces: (February 19- March 20)

Pisces should explore the state of pleasure

It becomes hard to focus on the mundane. You’re likely to be in the mood to lean into pleasurable pursuits and slack off instead of plunging into laborious and pain-staking efforts. You are being encouraged to explore the state of pleasure in your life and nudged to tend to these desires. Today is an ideal day to actuate your self-expression through creative activities. Planet Jupiter rules your sign so letters D, C, J and T, colour yellow, numbers 9 and 12  will be lucky for you.

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