How much will petrol prices increase before Eid?

Petroleum prices likely to drop by Rs 31 per liter

Once again, petrol prices will be increased before Eid. It is expected that prices will rise Rs 12 per litre from June 1st.

According to the resources, the report on increase in petrol rates will be sent to Finance Ministry by May 30. The new prices will be applied after the consultation with PM Imran Khan.

Due to this rise, there has been a significant increase in inflation causing panic in people.

According to the report, It is expected that from 1st June the price of petrol is likely to increase from Rs 99 per litre to Rs 108, high speed diesel cost from Rs. 117.43 per litre to Rs 122.32, light diesel oil from Rs. 80.54 to 86.94 per litre and kerosene oil to Rs. 96.7.

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