Hunt for motive of staffer who killed four at Paris police HQ

Paris, Oct 4 (AFP/APP):Investigators combed an IT staffer’s computer Friday for clues as to why he stabbed four colleagues to death at police headquarters in Paris, as his wife said he had been “agitated” before going on the rampage with a kitchen knife.

The 45-year-old killed three men and a woman — three police members and an administrative staffer — in a frenzied 30-minute attack that ended when he was shot in the head.

Two others were injured in the lunchtime stabbing spree that sent shock waves through an embattled force already complaining of low morale.

The attacker’s wife told investigators her husband, who had a severe hearing disability, had displayed “unusual and agitated behaviour” the night before his crime, a source close to the investigation told AFP.

A search of the couple’s house in a low-income Paris suburb near the Charles de Gaulle airport found no evidence that the man, who converted to Islam about 18 months ago, had been driven to his criminal deed by radical religious ideology, the source added.

Computer equipment seized in the search was being examined Friday, the source said.

The man, born in the French Caribbean territory of Martinique, was employed as a computer scientist in the intelligence branch at police headquarters, right next to the Notre-Dame cathedral in the historic heart of Paris.

He had worked there since 2003 until Thursday, when he committed the deadliest attack on police in France in years.

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