Hurriyet Leaders urge Int’l human rights agencies to come forward to rescue people of Kashmir

ISLAMABAD, Aug 29 (APP): Hurriyet Leaders Thursday stressed that the international community and human rights agencies should come forward to rescue people of Kashmir as human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir are crimes against humanity.

Talking to Radio Programme, Hurriyet Leader Mirza Mushtaq Ahmed said that the worst human right situation in Occupied Kashmir is a slap on the face of Champions of human rights.

Indian brutal forces have turned the valley into the largest prison in the world and unfortunately world is silent. BJP is pursuing Hindutva policies which are based on extremism and hatred, he added.
Every Kashmiri including Christians and Sikhs are suffering due to blackout, he said, adding, Minorities in India are not safe in under Modi’s regime.

International community should take notice of grave human rights violation committed by Indian forces, he added.

Hurriyet Leader Syed Yousaf Naseem said unfortunately international community is silent and not taking any practical step to end Indian oppression and resolve Kashmir dispute.
It is high time for international community to resolve Kashmir issue politically, he added.

He said that Indian fascist government is well aware of the fact that people of Kashmir would not tolerate Indian oppression, adding, the brutal Indian troops are targeting innocent civilians to avoid any reaction.
The whole system in Occupied Kashmir is paralyzed, he said, adding, Indian occupational forces are trying hard to control the situation and suppress freedom movement with force.

Hurriyet Leader Shamim Shawl said it is appreciable that Pakistan media is playing proactive role to highlight Kashmir issue at international front.  She said India is giving collective punishment to people of Kashmir for demanding their legit right of self determination, adding, it is highly imperative to provide basic necessities of life to the people of Kashmir on emergency basis under strict lockdown.
Occupational forces are torturing innocent children to terrorize the people of Indian held valley, she highlighted. Patients are not allowed to visit any hospital, she said.
Clampdown should be ended immediately and United Nations must intervene to rescue the people of Kashmir, she appealed.

The world powers and business partners of India should look beyond the economic gains, she said, India is pursuing the policy of might is right, which is a very dangerous trend for regional peace.
Hurriyet Leader Mir Tahir Masood continuous clampdown in occupied Kashmir is an effort to commit massive genocide.

The people of Kashmir have right to exercise their legit right of self determination, he said , adding, Kashmir is a nuclear flash point between Pakistan and India and any negligence of international community may result in massive catastrophe.

It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that international community is now sensitized about the worst human rights violations committed by Indian brutal forces. International human rights agencies should come forward to rescue the people of Kashmir, he said.

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