“I chose Yasir because he knows how to truly respect women”, Iqra Aziz


Leading Pakistani actor, Iqra Aziz, is reportedly facing backlash on social media after complimenting comedian-turned-actor husband, Yasir Hussain.

According to reports, Yasir Hussain is known for openly expressing his views concerning fellow actors on social media and television shows. This is one of the major reasons why he is almost always at the receiving end of backlash from Pakistani netizens.

Recently, speaking to BBC Urdu, Yasir Hussain said that that the Pakistani showbiz industry has been ‘hypocritical’ from the beginning. He commented that whenever he speaks up about something, it becomes controversial. Following this, actor Iqra Aziz defended him in a long post on social media explaining the reason behind their marriage.

Iqra Aziz wrote, “I chose Yasir for myself because he always speaks the truth and does not discriminate between people.”

Iqra Aziz wrote that Yasir respects everyone and gives them their credit.

The actress further wrote that above all, knowing how to truly respect a woman, no one has given me more confidence than them after my mother and sister.

“It’s a great thing nowadays for a man, your husband, to support you in your work, your dreams and even if you want to reach the heights of success,” she wrote.

Iqra Aziz further wrote, “To love a woman, to respect her and to acknowledge her in front of thousands of people, to make her home respectable, not only to support her but also to help her fulfil her dreams Doing well, caring for her happiness more than your own happiness, not differentiating between husband and wife or man and woman, this is every girl’s dream and this dream of mine has come true.

Iqra Aziz’s post was criticized by users. One user said that the poor girl has been cleaning up since she got married, only sometimes it hurts her a lot.

While users criticized, some users also came out in support of Yasir Hussain. One user said, “Whatever you say, Yasir is an honest man. I have seen many of his interviews. He never harms anyone and whatever he says.” The answer is very good.

It may be recalled that Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain got married on December 28, 2019, in Karachi. The wedding ceremony was also attended by their close relatives including showbiz personalities.

Yasir Hussain had offered marriage to Iqra Aziz during the Lux Style Awards in July 2019. The actor wore a ring to Iqra Aziz in front of everyone in the award show and also kissed him on the cheek after which both were criticized. However, the two soon announced through several interviews that the two would soon tie the knot.

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