I Was Penniless In 2000s : Javed Sheikh.

The great actor Javed Sheikh in an interview at Bol Night with Ahsan Khan talked about the time before “yeh dil apka hua”.

The actor said:“I was penniless in 2000, my career got ended. I was doing theatre plays in Lahore. People used to say Javed Sheikh ‘s career has gone, he needs to go back to Karachi. One day I was doing theatre play and got a call from a man who came from Belgium and was from Charsadda he asked me to meet and said I wanna make a good film, how much it cost and I replied him one crore back in 2000, he said no the good one, like Indian and I said 6 crore he said lets make it.”
The actor says she was shocked to hear this and was trembling as he received the money. He mentioned that a day before the movie was released all the big producers said that tomorrow the 6 crore will go down the drain. But he had good hopes with it, the movie was a big hit and all those people who had been criticizing the movie bought the tickets in black as the tickets were not available.
“The film did business for a year, that’s how Allah has blessed me and after yeh dil aap ka huwa, I never looked back”, mention Sheikh.
Javed sheikh is an inspiration for all the youngsters in the field. The lesson we get here is its the struggle that remains unseen but the success that is all seen.
Javed Sheikh is a living legend and we all respect him for his hardworking and supporting industry through thick and thin.

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