Illegal water-boring connections causing acute shortage of water for capital residents

ISLAMABAD, Dec 3 (APP): Residents living in various sectors of Federal capital Tuesday demanded of the authority concerned to check illegal water-boring pumps and connections installed at private homes as they are facing acute shortage of water for their needs and are forced to get water from filtration plants and street taps.

The residents of the area G-6, G-7,G-9 , F-6 and I-10 have appealed to Capital Development Authority(CDA) and the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) should jointly work in tandem for smooth supply of water in every locality.

According to resident of F-6, because of illegal water connections many households are facing acute shortage of water and then we first turned to water tanker services, but due to the high demand, these too were unable to meet the shortage of water.

Despite a ban on boring in Islamabad, people then turned to boring to access water, resident of F-6/1 Rehman said.

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Taking advantage of the situation, private water tanker mafia has also increase the rates of tanker and CDA tankers took also many days after the requests to provide water tank in our localities.

The residents of the areas talking to private news channel regretted the situation and said that no step was taken by the authorities even after several complaints.

Another resident of G-7 said that local residents have not had access to the water supply for nearly a decade, and those who did still weren’t receiving sufficient water specially when we welcomed our guests in houses.

Citizen of I-10 said many residents live without water or receive water for a few hours daily, most of the residents are receiving the water almost the whole day through these illegal water connections.

Resident Zia Sheikh said that irregular water supply has affected the daily life of many houses, adding, we cannot afford costly water tankers daily and costly boring water system, but we have no other option.

Residents have demanded that water scarcity issue should immediately be solved to mitigate their miseries and Authority concerned should take strict action against those holding illegal water connections.

On the other hand an official of the Water Directorate of the CDA assured that we are taking every possible step to meet the water demand of the citizens.

Official said water theft was also a major reason for water shortage and Mayor, Chairman CDA had already directed to carry out regular monitoring in this regard so that complaints of water pilferage could be addressed soon.

To a question he said some connections which were illegal connections have been disconnected previously and operation is underway against the remaining connections.

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