Impending cloud of covid 19 on falling education standard in Pakistan

It is no secret that the foundation of every state is education of its youth. The reason the Developed states are advanced is quality education. Though Wuhan city was epicenter of corona virus, China eliminated the pandemic successfully and declared its end. However, China has high literacy rate is reason behind its 2nd largest economy and advanced technology. In the consequences of covid-19, an alarming situation in education sector of Pakistan is observed.

It is no denying the fact that the quality of education is poor in the state. The covid 19 pandemic has added fuel to its deplorable condition.

It is quite unfortunate that Pakistan is lagging behind in education. Despite lion share of budget goes to education, literacy rate of state as compared to the developing states of world is extremely low. As of 2020, the literacy rate of Pakistan is 58 per cent according to report of World Economic Forum.

To stem out the spread of contagious virus, throughout world, governments issued “stay at home” policy which led to lock down of shopping malls, shops, offices and educational sectors.

However, the covid-19 lockdown has seen its aggravation in developing country like Pakistan. The Educational institutions are hit hard by such remedial measures, aiming at mitigating virus across the country.

In order to run the education system smoothly during lockdown period, Pakistan has made headways. Government authorities have devised plans of online classes, but it seems totally fiasco.

It is imperative to recognize that there is no magic bullet or simple answer. Taking online classes requires high speed internet and uninterrupted services of electric which is a day dream for thousands of students especially those, belonging to poor strata of society. In Pakistan which is struggling for poverty alleviation, a large segment of population live below poverty line.

Last but not least, students live in big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad enjoy high speed internet can access to online lectures with ease, but those live in Rural areas are deprive of such facilitations. To cut to the chase, Future of youth looks bleak owing to un pragmatic solutions.

Education is of paramount importance for our youth, flowers of nation, so strong policies initiatives are essential to address such serious issues. The situation facing the country calls for extra ordinary measures. Radio is most listened to in rural areas can be used to facilitate learning in time of pandemic.
In a such challenging situation where our policy makers should have burned mid night oil to chalk out effective strategy like on air of school courses in collaboration with ample private TV channels and radio to deal with schooling, beside pandemic. Students must be facilitated so that they can curve out future for themselves and the nation state.


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