Imran Khan fighting case of Kahsmiri people at all forums: Ali Amin

ISLAMABAD, Sep 13 (APP):Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Ali Amin Gandapur Friday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan as a lawyer of Kashmiris is fighting its case worldwide and challenging the extremist Indian government for committing worst human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

Talking to private news channel in Muzaffarabad, he said , Prime Minister Imran Khan has emerged as an ambassador of the people of Kashmir and effectively presented Kashmir case in front of the international community.

Today in Muzaffarabad Imran Khan was holding a historic gathering to send the world a message regarding the military curfew imposed in Indian occupied Kashmir.
He said Pakistan will fight Kahsmir struggle till Kashmir is not independent.

Ali Amin said entire Pakistani nation under the brave leadership of Imran Khan will fight for Kashmiri’s right and Pakistan is the only hope for the people of Kashmir and they are eyeing upon Pakistan as their savior.

He also appreciated the statement of Chief of Army Staff that Pakistan Army are prepared and ready to fight till last bullet, last breath and last soldier for Kashmir.

He saluted the great sacrifices of Kashmiris and said with the statement of Army chief the high spirits and commitment to the cause also rises and we jointly would soon defeat the India government.
He added, the struggle for Kashmir is a continuous process, not just for an event, adding, our stance is loud and clear.

All issues with India including the Kashmir dispute can be resolved through dialogue,” he added.
Prime minister Imran Khan on September 27 will raise the issue of Kashmir in General Assembly and talk to heads of States at every forum.

The minister said due to strong diplomacy of Imran Khan, the first time United Nation Security Council (UNSC) called a session on Kashmir issue while Human Rights Commission (HRC) had presented its report over gruesome atrocities and gross human right violation in the Indian Held Kashmir.
Gandapur said thousands of innocent Kashmiris had been brutally tortured and extra-judicially killed during forced disappearances or illegal custody by the Indian occupation forces which is shameful act of modi government. The time has come to free the valley from continuing Indian atrocities in the valley, he added.

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