Imran Khan just wants the country to get out of crisis soon: Senior Journalist


Lahore: Imran Khan just wants the country to get out of the crisis quickly.

According to reports, senior journalist Habib Akram has said that people taunt Imran Khan that he repeatedly changes finance minister. He said that Imran Khan wants a permanent cure for the disease affecting Pakistani economy.

Habib Akram says that Imran Khan can take the biggest step to get the economy back on track. All he has to do is get this country out of debt as soon as possible and get back on track.

Habib Akram says that Shaukat Tareen has the ability to fix the ruined economy. Even during the PPP era, Shaukat Tareen had fixed the economy.

He said in a private TV program that there are some expectations from Shaukat Tareen, because the way our economy is being ruined will be stopped by Shaukat Tareen. He added that just as the PTI is ruining our economy, so did PPP.

Prime Minister’s policy of Shelters, Anchorages and Ehsas Program, these three programs will have the biggest role in destroying Pakistan and the Pakistani economy.

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