India removes ‘Halal’ from its meat manual

Lahore, 10th January: India’s export body drops ‘Halal’ from its meat manual.

Baaghi TV: Right-wing Hindutva political party in India is against halal certification for products in the country.

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority has removed the word “halal” from red meat.

The Hindustan Times reported that the contours of meat export amid allegations by right-wing Hindutva groups give Muslim exporters an unfair business advantage.

Halal meat is slaughtered according to Islamic teachings and Muslims are only allowed to eat this meat.  India exports buffalo meat to many Islamic countries.

The government organization working under the Ministry of Commerce said in the revised handbook:“The animals are slaughtered to the requirement of importing country/importer.”

In the older version, it read: “The animals are slaughtered strictly according to the ‘halal’ method to meet the requirement of Islamic countries.”

According to the Indian Express, the APEDA clarified that there was no condition imposed by the Indian government regarding halal meat.

It said, “It is a requirement by a majority of the importing countries/importers. Halal certification agencies are accredited directly by respective importing countries. No government agency has any role in this.”

Right-wing groups have been against halal certification for products in the country.

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