Indian Army fires on Muharram procession in Occupied Kashmir

Srinagar: State terrorism of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir could not be stopped even during Muharram. Occupying forces opened fire on Ashura procession and used pellet guns, injuring 40 Kashmiri people.

Indian forces indiscriminately opened fire on peaceful mourners marching on Muharram 9 in occupied Kashmir and also used shelling, injuring several people.

Pakistan protested against the martyrdom of 7 Kashmiri youths by the Indian Army in occupied Kashmir.

The Foreign Office said that Indian tactics to subjugate Kashmiris would fail as in the past.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that mourning and Muharram processions are banned in Occupied Kashmir. Human rights activists must take notice of Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir.

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