Indian forces shoot down elderly Kashmiri man in front of grandson

An elderly man was killed in front of his three-year-old grandson in IoK’s Baramulla district. He who was in a car with his grandchild was also shot during the attack.

The family of Bashir Ahmed Khan alleged that he was dragged out of his car after the showdown and shot dead by paramilitary troopers.

His three-year-old grandson, who was travelling with him, was later pictured sitting on his chest.

The photo of the child sat on the body of his dead grandfather was widely shared on social media.

Taking to social media, people have reacted strongly against the inhuman act. Wife of Kashmir’s revolutionary liberation leader Yasin Malik, Mushaal Hussein Malik also condemned the incident.

In a tweet, she said, “World must wake up now! The brutal killing of an elderly man in front of his grandson by Indian Forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir is just an inhuman act.”

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